The word “Plyometric” originated from the Greek word, “Pleythyein”, which simply means the ability to expand. It comes from the base of two Latin root words which are “Plio” and “Metric”. Plio simply means more and metric means to measure something or someone.

The term was first introduced in 1975 by an American track coach by the name of Fred Wilt. Plyometric is best described as an “explosive-reactive” power training that has a lot to do with the contraction of the muscle as a relationship to the stretching of muscles. In plyometric exercises, it engages with the central nervous system during workouts and this process is called neuromuscular which is the mixture of both uncontrolled reflex and a muscular tightening.

Plyometric exercise is utilized for building up power, but it should not be mixed up with other modes of power training. What distinguishes these power training techniques from one another is that they include a quick loading stage where the expanded reflex must appeal to a powerful shrinkage and do it rapidly. How to pick the best rifles for best prices?.





Before commencing a plyometric program, you need to either do all medical check-ups or consult with your doctor. A plyometric exercise is a rigorous form of training that involves the explosive motion of the body which also has an extremely high impact. In general, the majority of the moves will be uneasy for an amateur fitness as well as those at a lesser level during the total exercise period. It has been researched and scientifically proven that people with joint problems or another medical ailment like those with a heart condition should not have anything to do with or engage in the rigorous movement of the body because it will cause more harm than good to their body.


Accurate warm ups and the right cool downs are of highly huge importance. The warm ups should be based on some particular preparatory workouts like stretches and universal moves that increase the heart rate like jogging in a spot or jumping. The right cool down will involve flexible stretches and a steady return to a pre-exercise form. All these put the individual in a workout mood thereby making the exercise possess a smooth ride.


Injuries could occur easily as there are various rigorous moves that need the right form and the accurate level of fitness. It is always advisable to seek the advice of expert fitness trainers as they have the experiences and can easily put you through a personalized routine as well as guide you through certain skills, proper utilizing of fitness materials, styles and mechanisms.


Though there are many amateur plyometric exercises, a lot is made for athletes in a particular sport and those in brilliant physical manner. Professional movements should be kept aside for only those at advanced fitness levels so as to avoid injury and get the best possible outcome from the sweats of training. Rigorous programs made for advanced level athletes are advised to squat at about 1.5 times their body weight, which gives them the strengths they require in order to perform more competitive programs.



Proper progression must be put into consideration in any plyometric training program. This is another situation whereby the expert trainer can be seen as an added asset in guiding the athlete so as to avoid injury as well as provide greater results. Most times over ambitious amateurs need a professional that would train and keep them in check towards the task at hand. Quality over quantity is the bench mark of plyometric training in which every exercise is performed at 95% to 100%.


Proper recovery within a single work out and in between workouts can’t be far-fetched as it is the prime reason for injury in plyometric exercise. An appropriate balance between stress and recovery must be acknowledged within 1 to 3 minutes of rest between sets and 3 to 5 minutes between distinct exercises in a single exercise session. Recovery between workouts greatly relies on various variables, the purposes of the training and once again the professional advice of a trained expert is invaluable.